I sometimes get to try products for free and have the chance to review them. I got to try SoapBox shampoo and I AM IN LOVE with it. I think this product is amazing. My hair feels great and the social mission behind this company is amazing. Take a few minutes to check it out! They provide water, soap and donate vitamins! It's so cool! I tried the Acai Berry shampoo & conditioner and can't wait to try the other kinds! Join the movement!

Go to SOAPBOXSOAPS.COM to join the movement! 




Another AHHHHH-MAZING box from Influenster! I love it all.

Scandal Eyes was so fun to put on! It went on smooth and came off easy with the eye make up remover from Rimmel. It also MELTED my mascara off. Which is so wonderful because even after showering I sometimes still have the pesky under eye mascara still on my face.

Expert lips by NYC was great! It lasted all afternoon before I had to reapply and felt more like a lip gloss than a lip stick. Which is great considering most long lasting lip wear makes my lips dry and miserable!

Fruit Vines are INCREDIBLE! I don't normal like fruit snacks but I totally hid in the back bathroom and ate these so I wouldn't have to share with the kids! Great snack! I'll be buying more for sure! Twizzlers have been replaced by these bite sized delicious amazing fruit snacks!

The No7 is fantastic. 34 years old and battling wrinkles sucks. I thought I had more time before that happened! I already love the tinted lotion, but I'll be adding this to my daily regime. Made my face feel smooth and not so OLD!

The brush! I can't even begin to explain how much I loved this brush. It cut my straightening time in half. Thank you so much EcoTools! I have to go get a second one because my 9 year old daughter claims its the only brush she can use now that doesn't hurt her head.

The Celestial Candy Cane Lane tea was delicious. Like a soul soothing delight! I put it in my favorite mug and crawled under a blanket by the Christmas tree and enjoyed every sip! 

Thank you so much Influenster! I love being a product tester! If anyone reading would like to get great products FOR FREE to try out click here..


Outlast matches up to Mitchum (Product post!)

Thanks, buzz agent! I am a Mitchum fan, but Secret Outlast really does work wonders. I've never liked Secret products before, they have just never worked for me. I tried this product for 2 weeks straight, and it matched up to Mitchum. I can run, yogi, be a nurse, be a mom, be busy and just not have to worry about armpit stink.

…..I even caught my husband using it. Not even kidding.


Well #HelloKeurig 2.0

My world was rocked when I got this email from Influenster:

So like a mad woman I checked my email every day waiting for confirmation! I am a super duper coffee freak lady. I love it. As a nurse, I have to be awake at 6am and ready to start my shift. I'm not a morning person, so coffee gives me the jolt I need in the morning to hit the ground running. I had refrained from buying a Keurig because the single cup serving is NOT ENOUGH for me. I end up using several an those little K cups can be pricey and not so great for the environment. Naturally when I read that this new and improved Keurig 2.0 came with a carafe option I was OVER THE MOON EXCITED!

Eventually this happened….

I excitedly unboxed my new glorious machine. I still can't believe I got it FOR FREE from Influenster. What a cool company to host campaigns! My old coffee pot cost me $13. Last October I took my good one to a cabin camping. Sure enough, it feel from the back of the jeep and the pot shattered. The only store to have coffee pots sold one kind only. So I got it. I never in a million years thought a year later I'd still be using it, but I just never got around to getting a new one. 

I set it up and the upgrade was pretty drastic! 

So after playing with all of the REALLY COOL settings, like wallpaper on the screen, lights in the water compartment and all of the freebie K cups that came with it I was ready for some coffee. I let it preheat and then this….


Seriously. I wanted to cry. So I got online. Did some searching. Come to find out that the old K cups will not work in the new machines. That's all fine and good, but I was using a K cup that was sent with the new machine. After troubleshooting online I decided to sadly shut it down and go to bed. 

The next morning I called Keurig. I was pleasantly surprised that I was only on hold for about 3 minutes before I spoke to an actual person. Then that person was very very helpful. We spent about 30 minutes trouble shooting trying like every K cup in my sample pack (I hated ruining them) and the Keurig people determined my machine was defective. I packed it up, and sent it back (with a label they paid for) 

Back to waiting for the fed ex man. Then this happened…. AGAIN….

I set up my machine and it ran BEAUTIFULLY. The carafe option is AMAZING. The K cups are just a bit larger for the carafe but the coffee is smooth and delicious. The touch screen is super easy to use and there is no difficulty switching between single serve and carafe serve. Keurig did very very well. I would recommend this machine to ANYONE who is looking for the perfect mix of CofffeByThePot and SingleServe. Well done, Keurig. I love the auto on functions and the auto night light function. I never have to set it and it lights up my kitchen at night which my 8 year old loves, as do I at 5am on work days. I have it set to turn on and preheat automatically, so I just have to pop in a k cup and I have my single serve coffee to go! No stops at McDonalds for coffee!

Now for my only complaint. Those K Cups. I can't find the new ones anywhere. They aren't in stores yet. It frustrates me that I can't buy the brand of coffee I like at the grocery store. I also try hard to be environmentally friendly. I am REALLY UPSET that Keurig does not sell an optional refillable K Cup basket. I get it, those keep you from having to buy the expensive K cups, but honestly I am disappointed that this company isn't offering an environmentally friendly option for it's customers. I would pay top dollar for a refillable K Cup  for the single serve and then another for the carafe. It means I would be producing less waste and I could use my own coffee brand that is not available in a K Cup. Sad to say that I ran out of K Cups and I am not using my $13 pot while I figure out where to buy them. Looks like I have to order online if I want to use my fancy new machine. 

Summary: BUY IT. I mean it. Put it on your Christmas wish list and buy it. It is sleek, sexy and makes an excellent cup OR CARAFE of coffee. The option to switch between the two easily is A Plus in my world. I am thrilled to have had the chance to review this product. Thank you Keurig and Influenster for this opportunity. 

Check out my instagram hashtag #KendrasFreeKeurig for more photos and fun related to the #HelloKeurig campaign! 



Influenster totally rocks my world. I think it's the coolest company ever. Free stuff for a few reviews! So here is my #GoVoxBox run down. I created a Pinterest board for the items I received! The link is here…

The lotion! Oh M Gee. I LOVE this stuff. Aqua Spa Relax Body Creme with Lavender and Chamomile. So smooth and creamy and I use it every day. Go buy it. Love it like I do.

Blue Diamond Blueberry Almonds. Good. But not ah-mazing. I love raw almonds, they are my favorite so I had a hard time loving something that is artificially flavored but they really are good.

Playtex Sport - maybe just give them to your teenage friends. Mamas…these aren't for you.

Muller yogurt - delicious! Get some!

Vitamin Shoppe! The container is so cool! We fight over it in my house! It has a self stirring star inside! The shakes are good. I think they'd be better if they were mixed with something other than water.

Overall I loved this #govoxbox thank you Influesnter!



This is what yoga with my girls looks like. Ella is not so into it. Her favorite pose: corpse. Yep, she will corpse the whole time! Anna (the baby) LOVES "Oga" she will get so excited to go outside. In fact I let her take a late afternoon nap the other day and I snuck out for a run. When I got home I decided to stretch it out with some yoga. I suddenly hear screaming from inside the house, I see her daddy open the door and out she came with her little #bendibaby "oga" mat crying saying, "mama, I do oga! I do it!" and she set up her mat and we finished up! I take a lot of yoga pictures of her and I have received about 6 messages from yogi friends asking me how I get her to focus. She doesn't. I just capture those great little moments. THIS is what yoga looks like for us. Here is a run down….

Ella flipping her hair and being wiggly, Minnie, Daisy & Zoe on their own mat working on their downward dog, Anna making up her own moves, and me. There I am in the middle of my zen moment. It was brief but there it was.

This is my life. I love it. I couldn't be happier.



Today on the hlc we did #fitspirations. So here is mine. Work in progress but this is what 25ish pounds looks like gone!

Birthday party fun!

So Anna Jane turned two on saturday! We had so much fun. We decided to cook out and set up the baby pools and slip n slide and let the kids go crazy. Anna was adorable in her Minnie swim suit but then our lovely neighbor showed up with a super cute tutu and it totally made her party outfit perfect!

So last year we pretty much did the same thing for her first birthday plus more decorations, balloons, and favors. I purchased a bunch of sand toys for the lake after and for the driveway which is pretty much all sand and the kids love playing in it but no one took them home. So I set out most of them again this year. I wanted to do something fun instead of favors so I figured an outdoor setting was perfect to get the kids all jacked up on sugar and let them decorate their own cupcakes! At hobby lobby they have paint trays, 10 for $5.99 (for the nicer not so flimsy ones) and with the 40% off app coupon it made it perfect. We went next door to the dollar store and got some fun candy and sprinkles and this was the result! Epic fun!


Coppertone home run

So I got to try Coppertone Clearly Sheer for free via bzzagent. They sent a generous box of goodies to try out. For Anna's party yesterday we decided to make it a cook out/lake day/slip n slide/corn hole/horseshoes play day. I invited everyone over, made an insane amount of food and we played! I decided to be nice and share my bzzagent freebies. So I set out the Coppertone Clearly Sheer as well as some other Coppertone sunscreens we had. Everyone got to try it out and the general consensus was that Coppertone hit a home run with this product! At the end of the long sunny day we all had skin that felt nice. No pink & tenderness. My favorite part was rubbing it in. It was light & smooth & really was "clearly sheer!" Good job, Coppertone! I am a big fan!